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There is hardly any authentic information to show when Nairs of Kerala first moved to and settled down in Karnataka. However personal discussions and interviews with people who belong to the first generation Nairs settled down in Bangalore reveal that they moved to Karnataka in general and Bangalore in particular during pre-independent days. Most of the Nair immigrants came to Bangalore and others scattered all round in other places in Karnataka state. Those who came to Bangalore came seeking jobs in industrial establishments like HAL, BEL, BHEL, HMT, BEML, ITI and other Government of India enterprises. There were also Army, and Air Force Establishments in Bangalore in which Keralites including Nairs got absorbed. Some of them were also employed in small and large public enterprises. Local community holds a high opinion about Keralites including Nairs because of their hardworking nature, and commitment.

Though Nairs settled down in Bangalore from a very early period, no collective organization to represent their interests was formed till later part of the 1970s, though the need for it was felt and voiced at different times. A few services- oriented and like-minded Nair friends in Mathikere locality inspired by the ideals of Samudayacharya, Bharatha Kesari, Padmabhushan Mannath Padmanabhan who devoted his life for ensuring legitimate rights of Nairs, joined together and formed the formal Association called “Bangalore Nairs’ Association” in the month of May 1979 and got it registered, on 5th August 1979. Membership fees from few people available were collected. With part of the membership money and donations from members, a Thrikala Pooja in the famous Jalahalli Ayyappan Temple was performed for an auspicious beginning of the society. From then on members, which of course were limited in number, met in each other’s homes and conducted meetings. The members started extending mostly personal help in times of need to each other residing in the neighborhood. The Karnataka Nair Service Society, which has now grown into a full-fledged organization covering entire Bangalore and even other parts of Karnataka with its wide range of activities, had this humble beginning. Subsequent to the formation of ‘Bangalore Nairs’ Association, two more Associations though not registered took birth. Those were Dooravani Nagar Nair Welfare Association’ and ‘Indira Nagar Nair Samajam’ respectively in Bangalore. By this time the awareness of the need for collective representation and unified action caught up the minds of Nairs in Bangalore. These three Associations functioned independently of each other.

The need to unify all the three Associations and bring them under one umbrella for more effective functioning was felt. The credit goes to the members of Bangalore Nairs, Association for taking lead for the amalgamation of three Associations and formation of a single Association. Meeting was convened at the residence of Late P Achuthan Nair who was one of the Founder Members of Indiranagar Nair Samajam, which was attended by representatives of three Associations. In the meeting unanimous decision for the unification of three Associations under the banner of ‘Karnataka Nair Service Society’ was adopted. After several meetings and deliberations, the draft Byelaw prepared by a Committee under the chairman ship of Shri M B Menon was adopted. Then it is history.